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Asia Arrival

Asia Arrival - Andrea Morgan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There is an air of romance when you arrive somewhere new… And, in Vietnam, it is serenaded by the sound of honking scooters when you land in Da Nang and start your journey towards Hoi An.

Arriving in the dark has you squinting out the car window – your concept of the world surrounding you is only what is illuminated. The soccer World Cup is playing on multiple screens on the side of the street, and people are stuck to their plastic chairs enjoying what is happening in Russia. (How the world is shrinking!) 1000’s of statues seem to wave and welcome you – Buddha, The Virgin Mary, deities and goddesses – as we whizz past their plentiful sculpture homes.

Tiny single lightbulbs hanging in homes cannot compete with the flashing neon lights of a Ferris wheel, bridges, buildings and branding… Alongside boards advertising the high-rise apartments and resorts to be soon built. It is in seeing specifically these that I am reminded of the ‘why’ for this journey – to experience things as they are before they become caught up in newfound commercialism.

I finally arrive in Hoi An late into the night – ragged from close to 30hrs travel and a new time zone but greeted by the biggest smile in reception and a zesty, zingy sweet lemon juice as I melt into the lobby chairs and accept the start to my new adventure. Which promptly starts at 5.15am with a cockadoodoodledooooooo from below the hotel window… A little bit unexpected but isn’t life.

Want to witness this new world through my eyes?

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PS. I do hope the photo I have chosen is not explicit… Google Translate did not help much either.


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